Atlanta Piedmont Park Stone Mountain Photography


Welcome! We truly are glad that you are here and that you are curious to know a little more about us.
We are Jorge & Febe, a Husband & Wife Wedding Photography & Family Photography team. Our love for photography happened the moment we were engaged and we began to create the story behind our own engagement session. It truly was a magical time for us and we felt we wanted to make it magical for others.

We are originally from Miami and have recently moved to Windermere, Florida.

We love to photograph people and families. Being part of capturing these memories is our passion.

The Spill

He is the Mustache behind the lens
She is the marketing guru
He loves capturing candid moments
She is the prop specialist
He is a Movie/TV fanatic
She enjoys a good read
He was always the class clown
She was the shy girl in class
He believes coke is better than pepsi
She believes coffee is better than both
We are madly in love
We are strangely addicted to Phish food
We believe very much in brand loyalty, which makes couponing impossible.
We live to capture life’s moments.

Love God, music, fashion, and people loving people!!

So check out our work and let us know when you are ready for your time in the spotlight.