Archive: June 29, 2015

Miami Newborn Session

Miami Newborn Session – Abigail

It has been such a blessing to watch the Pascual Family grow. We have been close friends for about 4 years now. In that time we have gone through many changes like jobs, where we live, cars, but no change has been more important, more prominent, or more exciting than seeing their family grow from two to four members.

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Lincoln Road Maternity Session

Miami Beach Maternity Session With Eric & Prysilla


So let me tell you a little bit about Eric and Prysilla. Eric and I have been close childhood friends. From going to the same schools, being co-workers, to him walking my wedding, we definitely have many memories together. The moment we met Prysilla we loved her. She is very kind and caring and welcoming. We know that Eric is so lucky to have her!

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Orlando Photographer

Orlando Baby Announcement – Alex & Duna

This beautiful Orlando Baby Announcement started out as a crazy weekend in which we almost thought we wouldn’t even make it to Orlando. But finally on Saturday, the day of the gender reveal party we were able to head out. There was much excitement and suspense waiting to see what our future nephew or niece would be.

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